Unlock the Full Power of HubSpot:
A Comprehensive (Self-Service) Audit Guide for You

17 min read

This free self-service audit will clean your HubSpot portal to save you time, money, and headaches.

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HubSpot Audit:

A comprehensive (self-service) guide for you


Save time, money, and headaches!

  • Is your HubSpot portal a mess?
  • Are you missing out on its full potential

    Discover how our free self-service HubSpot audit guide can save you time, money, and frustrations!

This free self-service HubSpot audit guide will lead you through cleaning your HubSpot portal. An organized and optimized portal can save you up to 43% on your HubSpot subscription costs, save your team endless hours (and frustration!), and save you the headaches of dealing with it all!

The 23-page guide (a 17-minute read) includes:

  • The goals of a comprehensive HubSpot audit
  • When to perform a HubSpot audit
  • How to prepare for the audit



How to increase the value you get from your HubSpot portal

While HubSpot’s capabilities are endless, when things are broken, missing, or not performing as well as they should, it ultimately means that you’re not getting the most value out of your HubSpot investment. And, worse, a messy portal can actually cost your organization money.

Comprehensive Hand Guide

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The Elements of a Comprehensive HubSpot Audit


Functionality and Settings

The most fundamental piece for access and communication


Marketing Operations

Frameworks, automation, processes, and integrations

Contact Companies

Contacts and Companies

De-dup, merge, and clean up; set up properties and views

Communication Automation

Communication Automation

Standardize  workflows, sequences, and lists



Sales, quotes, whatsapp, email, system, and layouts



Naming conventions, conversations, collateral and files



Tags, clusters, campaigns, linking strategy, calls-to-action

Metrics Reporting

Metrics & Reporting

Dashboards and performance reporting

Comprehensive Selfservice Guide for you

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