Welcome to the savvy saver’s guide to HubSpot! 🌟 In the digital age, where every penny counts and every click can cost, mastering your marketing platform's expenses is not just smart—it’s essential. With its glittering array of features, HubSpot can be a marketer's dream, but let's face it: those monthly fees can quickly turn into a financial nightmare if not managed with a shrewd eye.

But fear not, my cost-conscious comrades, because cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting corners. It’s about being a lean, mean marketing machine, squeezing every ounce of value out of your HubSpot investment. So, pull up a seat and prepare to embark on a journey through the art of strategic saving, where we’ll decode the enigma of economizing without compromising.

Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup, a nonprofit, or a company just looking to get more bang for your buck, these 17 money-saving maneuvers will guide you to a more fruitful relationship with your HubSpot account.

Get ready to unlock the secrets to reducing your HubSpot costs without losing the power-packed punch of its marketing might. Let's turn those daunting digits into delightful savings, shall we? 💼🚀

1. Understand Your Needs:

🪡The Tailored Approach

First things first, let's play Goldilocks with HubSpot's pricing plans. Not too big, not too small; you want it just right. Before you whip out the company card, sit down with your team and pinpoint what you actually need. Like, do you really need the bells and whistles of the Enterprise plan when your team is as tight-knit as the cast of "Friends"? Sometimes, the Starter or Professional plan is the sweet spot you didn’t know you needed.

2. Go Full Suite:

📚The Bundle Benefactor

On the flip side, embracing the full suite of services can sometimes be more cost-effective than cherry-picking individual hubs. Even if you’re skeptical about needing every feature, the bundled discount might tip the scales. Look at the full suite pricing and compare it with a la carte selections—HubSpot’s suite deal might just surprise you with its value.

3. Commit and Save:

💍The Long-Term Lover

If HubSpot and you have been in a steady relationship and you’re ready to take things to the next level, consider committing for the long haul. Locking in a two-year agreement cements your relationship with HubSpot and nets you a more attractive price point. With prices often on the rise, this could mean significant savings and price predictability for the next 24 months.

As a HubSpot partner, we serviced a client who had been with HubSpot for many years and had a significant discount. When it was time to renew, HubSpot told them that there was no way to get a bigger break. Then we suggested a 2-year contract et voila -- the price went down. 

4. Partner Up:

💠The Insider’s Edge

Speaking of partners, working with a certified HubSpot partner can be a game-changer for your budget. Partners (like us!) often have insider knowledge and the negotiation clout to help you secure better deals. They can also assist in optimizing your contact list to avoid unnecessary costs and may even be able to waive onboarding fees for new hubs. In the world of HubSpot, a good partner is worth their weight in gold (or platinum, as the case may be...).

5. Time Your Negotiations:

📅The Strategic Scheduler

Timing is everything, and this rings especially true when dealing with HubSpot's pricing. Approach HubSpot towards the end of the month, quarter, or fiscal year when sales teams are keen to meet their quotas. This is when they’re likely to be most flexible with discounts and willing to strike a deal too good to pass up. Patience and strategic timing could lead to unexpected savings that make waiting worthwhile.

6. Embrace Inbound Marketing:

📝The Content Creation Hack

Here's a little (not a) secret: HubSpot loves content, and so does your wallet. You can save a bundle on paid advertising by producing killer content that draws in leads organically. Blogs, SEO, and social media are your new best friends. HubSpot has robust tools to support these efforts, and guess what? They're part of your subscription anyway! There is even AI support -- but don't use it (or any AI) blindly -- the human touch makes things better.

7. Utilize Free Training:

🧑‍🎓The Smart Learner’s Shortcut

HubSpot Academy is like the Hogwarts for digital marketers – and it’s free! Instead of hiring a consultant to tell you what you could learn yourself, invest time in these courses. Not only do you become a HubSpot wizard, but you also save those galleons for other ventures.

8. Optimize Contact Management:

🧹The Decluttering Principle

Did you know that more contacts can mean more costs in HubSpot? It's time for spring contact cleaning, no matter the time of year. Review your contacts and say goodbye to the ones that haven't engaged in a while. Keep your list lean and mean – it's quality over quantity, folks.

9. Leverage Integrations:

⏱️The Efficiency Expert

If you're using other tools alongside HubSpot, make sure they're integrated smoothly. This can reduce the need for additional HubSpot features that might be doubling up on what you already have. Plus, integrations can streamline processes, which saves time – and we all know time is money.

For example, if you are already paying for a meeting scheduling tool like Calendly, you can integrate it with your portal instead of paying for additional Sales Hub seats for team members who only need a scheduling tool.

10. Review Regularly:

⚖️The Audit Advantage

Every quarter, do a little HubSpot audit. What features are you using? What's gathering digital dust? If there's a tool within HubSpot you're not utilizing, it might be time to downgrade. Don't pay for what you don't use. Be ruthless; your bottom line will thank you.

11. Utilize Community Resources:

🤝The Collaborative Tip

HubSpot has a bustling community. From forums to user groups, there’s a treasure trove of advice and hacks from other users that can help you use HubSpot more effectively. This could mean finding creative ways to use the platform that could save you from purchasing an additional tool or feature.

For example, the HubSpot User Group (HUG) that we run hosted an event about adding financial metrics to your conversion path. You can attend such events live -- or watch the recording at your own time. All for free!

12. Take Advantage of Annual Plans:

⏭️The Forward-Thinking Tactic

Pay upfront, and HubSpot will knock off 10%. Annual plans offer savings compared to the month-to-month grind. Initially, it’s more out of pocket, but the long-term savings can be significant. You can even put it on your credit card and rack up some points you can use to travel to INBOUND

13. Manage Your Add-Ons:

🧆The A La Carte Method

Check those add-ons. They can be sneaky little budget busters. Make sure you’re only subscribing to the add-ons that you need. It’s easy to sign up for an extra feature and forget about it, so keep an eye on your subscription details (those additional contact bundles sometimes add up to more than the actual subscription!).

14. Negotiate Like a Pro:

🎨The Art of the Deal

When it’s time to renew, don’t be shy. Reach out to HubSpot and negotiate. There's some wiggle room often, especially if you're considering a longer-term commitment or upgrading to multiple hubs.

15. Refer and Earn:

📢The Networker’s Approach

HubSpot has an affiliate program. By referring other businesses, you can earn 30% recurring commission that you can use toward paying your own subscription. It’s like being a good friend and getting rewarded for it!

16. Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams:

☯️The Synergy Strategy

By ensuring your sales and marketing teams are on the same page, you’ll use HubSpot to its full potential. This alignment means better lead management and no crossed wires – making your investment in HubSpot work smarter, not harder. OK, so it is not technically a way to cut costs, but getting more revenue from the same investments nets out even better!

17. Explore HubSpot’s Nonprofit & Startup Discounts:

🫶The Helper Path

If you’re a nonprofit, don’t miss out on HubSpot’s 40% discounts for charitable organizations. It’s a helping hand that’s both generous and budget-friendly.

And if you are a startup, you can get up to 90% off your first-year HubSpot costs (and discounts on subsequent years, too)!

🧠Final Thoughts

Now, let's be real. HubSpot is a robust platform, and it’s not bargain-bin pricing. But it’s about playing smart and making the platform work for you most cost-effectively. With these tips, you can trim the fat off your HubSpot costs without losing muscle.

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