Q: What is your role at MTR?

A: SVP - Strategy.

Q: OK, but who are you, really?

A: I’m an aspiring polyglot with a love of travel and I live to eat rather than eat to live.

Q: What do you do for MTR clients?
A: My goal is to advise and support our clients so they can achieve their business goals. I like making the client stakeholder(s) that has invested in MTR look good to their organization.

Q: Why did you pick marketing as your career?
A: Working in marketing lets me use both sides of my brain. I get the perfect balance between being creative and analytical.

Q: What is an achievement you are really proud of?
A: Earning my master's degree while working full-time.

Q: What is your superpower?
A: I got some help from friends on this one and took a poll.
If I translated the responses into an actual superpower, it would be X-ray vision.
I can see many angles and details of a problem or situation and make quick decisions.

Q: Tell us one interesting (non-confidential!) thing about another member of the MTR team.
A: Oooh, there are so many to choose from, but one is our consultant Michael, an accomplished artist.

Q: What are your favorites (and why)?
Movie: For me, I really like a good underdog comedy. Sci-fi/fantasy and action/adventures make my list as well.
Color: Red
Food: Number one is Filippino food. After that, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Mexican are my other go-tos
Travel Destination: Spain

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