Q: What is your role at MTR?

A: Executive Director  — with a focus on growth, partnerships, and all things Web3.

Q: Ok, but who are you, really?A: As an Artist, Athlete, Actor, Model, Entrepreneur, and Adrenaline junkie, I have become a fitness enthusiast and was a champion athlete. From that, I wanted to share my expertise and mentor clients as a personal trainer in my spare time to expand my roster of clients, which included baseball legend Steve Garvey, NBA Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley, and Grammy-Award Winning icon Barry Manilow. Moreover, as a contemporary artist, world traveler, and all-around life aficionado who is motivated and inspired by vibrant, bold colors and high contrast, I prefer the obscure, the irregular, and, most importantly, the elements of life that inspire and evoke passion; it's no surprise that my work reflects vivid colors, deep expressions, and provocative feelings. Lastly, art has always been an important part of my life; yet, only recently have I decided to share my unique perspective with the rest of the world. I prefer focusing my talents on intriguing and inspiring subjects that reflect life, passion, complexity, and everything insightful.

Q: What do you do for MTR clients?
A: As Head of Growth, I take on responsibilities which include overseeing all aspects of the sales and business development process, strategic alliances, and Sales Enablement initiatives, with an emphasis on growth and cooperation.

Q: Where do you live?
A: My husband and I left New York City to re-settle in Greater Palm Springs, where we have now resided for more than a decade

Q: Why did you pick digital marketing as your career?
A: I appreciate the inherent entrepreneurial nature of the digital marketing vertical. 

Q: What is one thing MTR clients would be surprised to learn about the company, the team, or the process?
A: How genuinely transparent and value-oriented we are as a company. We are legit here to help! 

Q: What is an achievement you are really proud of? 
A: I am very proud and honored to have recently been able to adopt more of a prominent role in the LGBTQ and Morongo Valley communities, respectively, and have recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for KGAY/Qchella Radio Station where I (and my fellow board members) have been tasked with shaping the content and direction of the core values of the station. Further, acting as the Foreman for the Morongo Valley Action Committee (MOVAC), I have presided over a volunteer group of concerned and underrepresented citizens within the Morongo Basin whose fundamental objective is to ensure the rights and the voice of the community. In both cases, I was able to take on leadership positions to help both communities find their respective voices.

Q: Tell us one interesting (non-confidential!) thing about another member of the MTR team. 
A: Lital is one of, if not the most, fair people I have ever met in my life. It is truly admirable and humbling to witness. 

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: Wit, unique, intelligent observations, and smart delivery. 

Q: What 3 things do you need to create your best work?
A: I would say, time, patience, and fortitude

Q: What is your vice/guilty pleasure:
A: Indulgence 

Q: What would be your superpower, if you were to pick one:
A: A unique combination of Creativity, Empathy, Philosophy, and Intuition

Q: If this were a high school yearbook, what would you be voted for: “Most likely to….”
A: Run into a burning building and save someone 

Q: What else should we ask everyone and what is your answer to it?
A: Do you consider yourself an “open” or “closed” person? Open for me…. 

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