We really guarantee ROI. It is not a trick -- it is how we believe business should be done. While you could ask, "why does MTR guarantee ROI?" we think the better question is: "why don’t all agencies?"

Let me back up a bit -- certain industries were ripe for innovation when newcomers came along and shook things up.

  • Entertainment and Netflix
  • Hospitality and Airbnb
  • Automotive and Tesla
  • And now: marketing services and MTR

And with most industry disruption first comes that moment of shock (you should have seen how nervous I was the first time I let my car parallel park itself). But then you realize it's something that makes your life so much easier - and from there, there is no turning back (and forth, and back again, and just a little straighter…). 

MTR isn't infomercially nor is it aiming to have the Costco Return Policy of marketing.

Instead, we are making ROI fool-proof with our engagement models, methods, and shared goals -- when you work with us, you will get ROI for your investment because there just is no other option. Guaranteed.

We have flexible models of engagement and will help you choose the best one for you. We have methods that have been proven with hundreds of clients and we will customize them for you. We have a team of all-star professionals who will create strategies and deliver tactics to ensure you get returns on your investment.

Just because we are in the same space as other agencies does not mean that we are the same. We are to other agencies what Uber is to yellow cabs.

“What’s broken in the marketing services industry?” you ask

Our motivation to rethink how marketing agencies work came from a place of pain (and curiosity). As an organization comprised of people who have spent most of their careers client-side, we had suffered through many rabbit-hole engagements, disappearing freelancers, and shady marketplaces who, frankly, never got it. They were in it for the short term -- for themselves.

Our team meets regularly to discuss things like:Off with their heads

  • What's going well
  • What can be improved
  • How other agencies we have worked with (or worked for) in the past do things
  • What pains our clients
  • How we are going to keep evolving

From many of these conversations, we started to notice a pattern. Five pain points came up repeatedly about other agencies. So, we decided, “off with their heads!” (the pains, not the other agencies), and created an agency that does things differently.

1. Retainers: Rejected.

As a client, when you sign a binding retainer agreement for a long timeframe, unfortunately, you are the one who ends up feeling bound. Typical marketing services agreements often span 24 or 36 months.

In business, especially for startups or those in rapidly-changing industries (and these days, who isn’t?), three years is forever.

While there are certain aspects of digital marketing that do require some time to see results (SEO, for example), we believe in an open-door policy -- not only as it relates to communication, transparency, and collaboration; but also in that our clients are free to leave any time for any reason (so maybe it is a little Costoesque).

We do not bind you for eternity, instead -- we show you results that make you want to stay. Our clients choose us -- over and over again.

Our contracts have a 30-day exit clause. Guaranteed.

2. Huge projects: Huge risks

Another trick up the sleeves of many agencies is to scope out enormous projects that require enormous timelines and enormous budgets.

While it is obvious that this brings business benefits to the agency, we hesitate to see how it benefits the client.

For our project-based engagements, like websites, we use growth-driven design methodologies. We actually don’t WANT to create a $32M website for you. That is just a bad investment. In a project like that, no one can guarantee ROI.

We prefer to spec something smaller, deliver it quicker, and start measuring data and optimizing. This way offers reduced risk and greater (and faster) rewards.

Agility is our way of ensuring ROI without risking the farm. Our guarantee is that projects will be minimized to reduce your risk and enable faster returns.

3. No place for complacency

Often the direct result of needlessly lengthy retainers, it has been our experience that working with agencies means flashy presentations in the sales process, a great first 1-3 months, then a lot of complacency, lack of innovation, off-the-shelf ideas, and finger-pointing in the critical middle of the engagement (probably while they are preparing flashiness for new prospects), and then maybe a little bit of hustle in the last 1-3 months to get the client to re-up. 

We refuse to work this way. We believe in momentum and curious collaboration. We believe in achieving the maximum effect with the minimum means. In fact -- we review our team members on these values and reward them accordingly with bottles of wine, gift cards, more responsibilities, and lots of love.

Our team takes on your business metrics as their own. Our pricing models are fair: they require us to perform and leave no place for complacency.

With a reduction of the frivolous, frequent small tests, and a joint commitment to results, how could a project not ROI?

4. The wrong driving mission

We are not in this business to build our own portfolio, earn industry awards, or scam, hack, and play the system. 

Instead of building our portfolio, we build our clients’ businesses. We partner with organizations who believe in educating their audience. We help them scale; we help them convert; we help them make a difference.

Instead of earning industry awards, we earn our clients’ trust. We value that more than any award.

Instead of trying to scam, hack, or play the system -- we seek to understand it and then evolve it -- take it to a new level. We maintain respect for ourselves, our clients, and possibly most importantly -- their customers.

When you are driven by a mission that thrills you, and a partner that gets you, ROI skyrockets.

5. Conflicts of interest

Have you ever thought about your agency engagements from the agency perspective? 

What’s in it for them? 

You pay them a set amount every month for years on end, so while you wish they would do more; you actually reward them for doing less. 

You have a long-term binding commitment with them, so really, they need to be just good enough to not make any waves. Why would they take risks? Why would they go above and beyond? Why would they look out for your bottom line instead of their own?

When the focus is on returns; when the engagement is agile; when the team becomes an extension of yours; when it is all based on transparency, accountability, and trust -- this is when greatness happens; this is when momentum is achieved and maintained; this is when results speak for themselves.

Your investment is guaranteed for returns because your returns are as important to us as they are to you.

The secret behind the agency with the ROI guarantee

We don’t take on clients that can’t ROI -- if you come to us with an idea that requires a huge investment and a small chance of return, we will wish you well, but we will not be your agency. We can’t do justice to such an endeavor. 

We also don’t take on clients who are in it just for the guarantee. This must be a partnership. We will give you our best -- but we will need you to enable us to implement the plan, give constructive feedback, and be open to trying new things.

But if we believe in your business and we sense a true spirit of collaboration, we will work together, track the investment and the return over time, and this is our guarantee:

  • We will minimize projects according to the GDD approach - investing the minimal needed to deliver results that are better than the baseline. Then optimize.
  • We will commit, along with you, to your KPIs. And work tirelessly to achieve them.
  • We work in line with our company values and code of ethics
  • We will fail sometimes -- but we will fail small and fail forward -- learning the lesson and continuing on to the next thing that can drive ROI for the entire investment
  • If, at any time, you are not satisfied with the ROI we provide, we will not bind you to stay with us. You can opt to give us another chance or you can walk away. We will refund any monies that remain unused in your account.

The reason we can make this guarantee is because we do things based on a different set of core values and we operate differently -- there will not be a conflict of interest because your success is our KPI. Guaranteed.  



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