Following all the feedback (including this awesome story shared by Mandy McEwen on LinkedIn) on our previous article (Twitter and LinkedIn Digital Marketing Influencers that ChatGPT Says We Should Follow), we went back and asked ChatGPT (whom we now lovingly call HAL), to be more specific.

This time, we asked for the top Content Marketing influencers to follow on LinkedIn and Twitter... You know, the one who would slap my wrist for using way too many parentheses in this intro. But those who do a great job blogging for impact, posting for engagement, and genuinely connecting with their audience.

Here is what HAL says. What do you think, any good ones missing?

Content Marketing Influencers to follow on Twitter X

These, from our previous list, were repeated: Ann Handley (@annhandley), Neil Patel (@neilpatel), Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi), Rand Fishkin (@randfish), and these were added:

1517716898001Larry Kim (@larrykim): Expert in chat marketing, AdWords, Facebook Ads, and SEO. Founder of Mobile Monkey and former CTO of WordStream, Inc

YE4Gtl-1_400x400Robert Rose (@Robert_Rose): Consultant and speaker, expert in content strategy, storytelling, and marketing with 30 years of experience​.

jtzzdB_z_400x400Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas):  Specialist in creative content marketing and social media marketing. Recognized as a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers.

a_FPXV0t_400x400Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock)
Business coach focusing on lead generation, sales, and digital marketing strategies​.

0Cuon8Zy_400x400Kim Garst (@kimgarst): Specializes in content marketing, training, and online business coaching, known for her expertise in digital product creation and video content.

K4ytRVqB_400x400Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar): Twitter marketing expert hosting #TwitterSmarter Chat, focusing on marketing strategies​.

BTTcV1sR_400x400Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael): CEO of Marketing Insider Group and author of "The Content Formula" and "Mean People Suck" (@MeanPeopleSuckk)

L9eQLofo_400x400Mike Allton (@mike_allton): Owner of The Social Media Hat, providing comprehensive articles and stories on social media marketing.

FvIi2CGg_400x400Christian Karasiewicz (@ckroks): Offers digital marketing fundamentals and social media tactics through Social Chef​s (@socialchefs).

r3Qj84sl_400x400Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer): Digital strategist and co-host of The Marketing Companion podcast, known for marketing and social media workshops.

ImageMTR Marketing (@MarketingMtr): You know how I say you should never just copy what ChatGPT says and paste it verbatim? Well, here I am, following my advice. I added our Twitter account to the list because we are also pretty good at content marketing (IMHO)!  

Content Marketing Influencers to follow on LinkedIn

When it comes to LinkedIn, ChatGPT didn't repeat any of the best-in-class marketers from our previous list (I vehemently disagree), but these were added:

1516255378392Neil Patel: Tech entrepreneur posting about social media marketing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. Talks about #seo, #marketing, #digitalmarketing, #entrepreneurship, and #socialmediamarketing LinkedIn Top Voice.

1667926755861Matt Bailey: Digital marketing instructor focusing on data-driven marketing strategies. Talks about #digitalanalytics, #digitalmarketing, #trainingprovider, #marketingstrategy, and #digitalmarketingtraining

1516237698094Marsha Collier: Social media marketing whiz and eCommerce guru, authoring over 40 books on social media marketing.

1516156202203Bryan Eisenberg: Optimization expert sharing advice on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development​. Talks about #success, #leadership, #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship, and #personaldevelopment

1696964701013Pam Moore: Social media marketer and CEO providing insights on social media marketing and branding.  

1678132607595Ann Handley: Digital marketing and content expert, focusing on content creation and digital marketing.

1516275199471Joanna Wiebe: Copywriting expert offering guidance on writing copy. Creator of Copyhackers, conversion copywriting and marketing courses and resources for freelancers, copywriters, startups and marketers.

1516206973615Michael Stelzner: CEO/Founder of Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing World, the host of the Social Media Marketing Podcast, and the author of Launch and Writing White Papers

1515622340530Amy Chen: A writer herself, and a VP of Content several times over. Ta


Lital Barkan: It's me, hi 👋. ChatGPT didn't actually place me among this list of all-stars, but if you like this post, stick around and see how some of my other content marketing pearls of wisdom can help you educate and convert :)


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