Lital Barkan

Meet the MTR Team

Lital Barkan, Founder and CEO

Lital is a long-time believer in the marriage of creativity and data; decision-making that is based on the magical combination of information and inspiration. Combined with her commitment to results and eternal dedication to the best interest of the target persona, she has created marketing greatness for startups as well as Fortune 100s.
Her passion is marketing that matters -- the kind that makes a difference and drives results. She can't stand the sleaze or fluff that is often inherent in marketing. She is a mentor, an educator, and an enabler -- getting her clients to the next level and striving to keep growing, learning, and achieving.
She even got her kids to eat broccoli. And like it.


Create marketing that matters.


Southern California, USA



Fun Fact

Has 200+ Starbucks city mugs

"Lital blends an impressive aptitude for nearly all marketing functions with strategic vision effortlessly. I credit her creativity and relentless focus on results as one of the keys to our success."